Plendil and body weight

does plendil cause weight gainPlendil is a remedy applied to treat increased arterial pressure. Its action takes place thanks to its properties as a calcium channel blocker. All anti-hypertension medicines have similar ways of functioning, and thus similar undesired effects. One of the most widely-reported negative effects of Plendil and its analogs is rapid weight increase. Patients of advanced age, with comorbidities like diabetes, arthritis or metabolic disorders are especially prone to this kind of a negative change.

If you ask your physician “Why does plendil cause weight gain?”, he will not be able to give you a one-sided answer, because there haven’t yet been enough studies to prove why the extra weight appears. On the one hand, the very properties of the remedy as a calcium antagonist makes has the relaxing effect on muscles. Thanks to the calcium channels that are present in every cell of the body, including cardiac muscle and vessel walls, they can get tense and contract. Disabling these channels lets the vessel walls relax, and this is how arterial pressure goes down. This also makes your other muscles more relaxed and prevents them from getting as active as they potentially can, both during everyday activities and physical training, which leads to increased BMI with time.

Secondly, a big problem are other side effects on their own, an exhaustive list of which you can find in the plendil patient information leaflet inside the package. Many individuals who take calcium channel blockers suffer from fatigue and swelling as the most common negative effects. Others include pain in the joints, nausea, back pain, loss of balance and falling. These prevent patients from seeking additional physical exercises. Some suffer from less wise-spread side effects like increased level of anxiety, dizziness, sleepiness, headaches or some gastrointestinal problems. These make it even more difficult to do sports and to keep a healthy lifestyle. It may or may not be that the very use of Plendil causes the appetite to increase, but as a consequence of all the mentioned side effects the desire to eat more may come naturally because of anxiety or problems with digestion.

plendil patient informationSometimes, however, calcium blockers may cause weight loss. A reaction to a drug is always an individual matter. Rapid weight loss may also be a disturbing sign that you may need to change therapy and find a substitute for the drug you are currently taking.

If you feel like you’ve been gaining weight since you started taking Plendil, it is best to consult a dietologist or your attending doctor. Do not try to change the course of your treatment on your own. It is not advised in any case to reduce your dosage (if you are asking “can plendil be cut in half?” – no, it can’t, since it can decrease the efficacy of the pill) or take yourself off the pill by your own will. Increased arterial tension can be potentially risky for your heath, and thus, only your physician can take you on and off the medicine.