Plendil vs Norvasc

plendil to norvasc conversionThe two remedies – Plendil and Norvasc are often side by side in the lists of top pills against elevated arterial pressure. Norvasc is a brand remedy designed and produced by the Pfizer corporation in Germany, while the plendil manufacturer is AstraZeneca AB from Switzerland.

The active chemical substance which is the basis for plendil is referred to as Felodipine, while the key to Norvasc’s action is Amlodipine. In the core, the two remedies are applied to fight elevated arterial pressure and angina. The chemicals which secure their action disable the movement of calcium through the so-called calcium channels. Calcium channels are protein formations through which ions of calcium move in the direction to the cell and from the cell. These charged particles participate in the formation and conduction of an electrical impulse, and also provide a decrease in the muscle fibers tension of the heart and vascular walls. Calcium antagonists are actively applied in fighting coronary heart disease, high arterial pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

Plendil is available in the pills of 2,5, 5 and 10 milligrams, and the pills are color-coded into yellow, red and brownish, according to the dosage. Norvasc pills are white color with the Pfizer logo at the back of the pill. The rules for intake are quite identical for both drugs: they are ingested in the early hours, after a light meal or before eating. The pill ought to be swallowed followed by half a glass of water, and not be chewed, broken or crushed before intake, which could lower its effect.

If we compare plendil vs Norvasc in terms of their undesired effects, these will be pretty similar, since both of them belong to one group of chemical substances. The most wide-spread negative consequences of intake commonly reported among men and women are headache, swollen limbs and hot flashes. Some individuals have complained about gaining weight and a stronger appetite since the beginning of the intake. Less wide-spread undesired effects may be manifested in the cardiovascular system (lowered blood pressure, uneven heart rhythm, tachycardia), nervous system (tiredness, anxiety, fainting, tremors, depressive moods), GI tract (pains, nausea, vomiting, leaky stool, pancreatitis or gastritis).

plendil manufacturerThese two remedies must not be taken by individuals with chronic low arterial pressure, severe heart diseases, during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Choosing between these two remedies comes down to your organism’s individual reaction to the drug’s components and your comorbidities. Sometimes, a plendil to norvasc conversion or vice versa will be required if some of the negative effects of your first medication occur too frequently, or you are overly sensitive or allergic to some of the additional components. The conversion can be decided on by your attending physician, and it is always best to get a consult from your attending physician if the conversion is needed and in what dosages.